How to Order

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The quick version... if you know what metal print you want —and we have that item listed— just make a purchase and we'll handle everything else. Due to the custom nature of what we make, there is usually some back and forth between our technicians and you.

Because making a top-quality metal print is extremely important to us, let us create a proof version of your metal print before you order. This will allow you to see how your photo fits into your shape. Keep in mind, not every photo works perfectly with each shape... we'd LOVE to help your image with some Photoshop magic.

You can email us your photo anytime at or use the Photo Checker below.

If one of our designers notices any issue with your photo or shape (including having to alter or extend parts of your photo (see examples below), we'll get in touch with you.

Selecting the Right Photo for Your State

Wide image that fits into the Montana shape

This photo works well for the Montana shape. The image is a wide rectangle (similar to Montana's shape) and there is room all around the subjects to absorb the irregularities of the Montana shape.


Tall image that can't fit into Montana shape

This photo does not work well for the shape of Montana because the photo is tall while Montana is a wide. We can't digitally extend the background because the waterfall is too distinct. Even if we tried to crop this photo wide, it still wouldn't be wide enough.

Digitally Extending Your Photo

Part of what we offer is to craft your photos so they fit onto your State. Some people have an exact plan for their photos while others want us to work our magic. We're happy to do either.

Digitally extending the photo example with water and background extended

We began with the photo on the right and altered it to fit the Montana shape (left).

You might have lots of questions about ordering a custom metal photo print. If so, please get in touch so we get them answered!