About Us


We're John and Elisha Mack... the team over at Really Montana Photography and the founders of My State Metal Prints.

Our journey began with two full-time careers and evolved into photography and then into custom-shape metal printing because of the stories we discovered while exploring our home State of Montana.

We got into photography as a hobby so that we could share the photos we were taking of breathtaking scenery around us. After discovering the happy power of photography, we left our full-time jobs and opened a photography studio in Great Falls, Montana.

We literally stumbled into this business after one of our super-fun family photography Clients —who loved the shiny look of metal prints— asked if we could put one of their family photos on a Montana shaped metal print. As it turned out, nobody had an easy way for us to do that... so we set out to change that.

Welcome to My State Metal Prints where we hope your moved by your photos as much as we are.


  1. We're absolutely committed to the quality of the custom State shaped metal prints that we produce. You will receive a quality product that will show your story for generations.

  2. We'll provide you with a great customer experience. We want to earn your repeat business so we'll treat you right.

  3. We're a bunch of fun and friendly people so this should be fun and easy for you. 

We love to provide amazing value and top-notch customer service... read our reviews on both Google and Facebook... you'll be able to get a sense of how we treat people!

—John and Elisha Mack

John and Elisha Mack in the Rocky Mountain Front
John and Elisha near Ear Mountain in the Rocky Mountain Front